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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Treatment vs Salon Treatment

Which is better? Well, actually i was quite reluctant to write this down but since i promise you guys that i want to give all the practical tips (and tricks) and facts about taking care of your hair, so here it is : Home treatmeant can be as good as salon treatment ..why? scroll down for the arguments

Home Treatment VS Salon Treatment

Home Treatment

--Economical but optional
--use more frequent (once a week)
--No additional heat or fancy equipment needed
--can be as effective as salon treatment if used frequently

Salon Treatment

--Expensive but necessary
--once a month or every 6 weeks
--coupled with steaming machine/micromist machine
--very effective

In the end , home treatment can be as good as salon treatment (yet economical) as long as u use it frequently and the RIGHT WAY

The wrong way : 1) Shampoo 2) Conditioner 3) Hair Mask
The right way : 1) Shampoo (the best shampoo would be the deep cleansing shampoo) 2)Hair Mask 3) Condtioner (optional)

and WHY? because if u use the conditioner before the hair mask, your hair cuticles will be covered with conditioner and the hair mask could not get in the hair shaft.

How to improve the effectiveness of your own home treatment?

1) Use deep cleansing shampoo : It will cleanses all the impurities and leftover from your scalp and hair and it would make it easier for the hair mask to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft.
2)use warm water first when u first use the shampoo and then with cold water when u want to rinse the hair mask later . Cold water will close back ur hair cuticles and the treatment will stay longer in your hair.
3)Leave the hair treatment in your hair for at least 10 minutes and wrap it with cotton towel

so there u have it...if u practice all these tips , i assure u after 4 cycles of home treatment (provided u use the right treatment) u will notice major difference (better) later. have fun trying :))


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