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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

one hectic off day!

Well today i ambik extra day off...well the main reason because i had an investigation interview regarding my long lost passport dkt imigresen Damansara..after 2 tahun hilang barula i nak buat passport tu.. Adala sbb tetiba i nak buat passport tu ;) Anyway my scheduled 'siasatan' should start at 10 am ..guess what? pukul 12pm barula nak panggil....geram tapi biasala sbb diorg yg ada upper hand so kita y hilang passport ni x bolehla nak cakap apa....Dahla tu, i can only get my passport after one month :(

well anyway, then i baru teringat yg i ada appt dgn my sworn bothers (Edo, Alan, Adnan) and Jasmin at the curve at 1 pm...bergegas la balik mcm org gila... exactly at 1 pm , my phone rang.. the conversation went like this :

Edo : Hi Bambang where are u?
Bambang: Im in front of the Curve (trying hard to focus on the road while driving with one hand steering the wheel, the other hand trying to lower the volume of the radio and at the same time trying hard to hold the phone between the shoulder and the head)
--------------->Location : Pusat Bandar Damansara
Edo: Ok, where do u want to meet up?
Bambang : mmmmmmmmmm (actually having trouble to do a u turn with only one hand steering the wheel while now the other trying to hold the phone)
wherever u want to ok... u choose
Edo: ok . i i'll call u later.i'll let u know the place
Bambang : Cool .let me there in a minute (immidiately let go of the phone and put both hands on the wheel )
----------------> Location : 400 metres more than when this conversation first started...