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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tips to avoid Miscommunication between u and your hairstylist

First of all, when you want to try out new hair salon pls choose salon that conduct by appointment service rather than first come first serve basis. The reason is that, the first come first serve service normally go by volume and they tend to hurry and neglect long and thorough consultation.

Try to avoid weekends because weekends are normally packed with clients (even for by appt service) and the hairstylists have to work back to back and normally he/she would be quite exhausted (physically and mentally) to listen to your long arguments. They (normally but not all ok ;) will tend to use their 'judgemental' side and do whatever 'easy' cut and hardly be creative to do the perfect UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL cut that suit that UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL u. So please invest some time and try to cut your hair during office hour or so , especially if you want to try new hair salon

The next tip is VERY VERY CRUCIAL. Please avoid to explain things TOO GENERAL. This is when things might go REALLY wrong (By now, i think u guys realized that i used a lot of capital letter in the sentences). For example :

1) I want to chop off a few inches off :
Few inches??? what do u mean? And please , dont even say 2 inches or 3 inches.....Your hairdresser might perceived your 2 inches as 4 inches. You never know. The best thing to do is to ask your hairdresser to show it clearly to you how much he wants to cut off.

2)I want to cut layers:
Layers?? how ? long soft layers, blunt layers, or do u actually want to trim your layers only, or maybe you mean things as simple as more volume? Please dont be scare to speak up.You do not want end up having so much layers like SONIC the hedgehog ;)

3)I want red/chesnut brown/ caramel blond/honey blond/peach colour
Please avoid using fruits/food to explain the colour that you want. Your caramel blond might be perceived as very light blond or even copper light brown, varies from one hairstylist to the other depends on where they are or maybe what their favourites food might be ;) IT IS TOO ABSTRACT ...please use the colour chart ok?

4)I want to colour / cut like the previous cut or even worse when u say things like i want to cut my hair like the first cut (after a few cuts ):
Unless you come every month or that u are very close to the hairstylist, there is no way, that your hairstylist could remember the cut perfectly (just bare in mind , that you maybe one out of hundreds of customers that he usually served).

Another tip to consider is : bring picture of hairstyles that you LIKE (and bring a few pictures and not one) and more things to consider is to bring pictures that u will helps to bridge the gap between the way mosthairstylist talk about hair, and the way the rest of the world does.

In the end, just be honest. Tell your hairstylist all about your hair insecurities.If you are really attached to your long hair, say so. Dont just follow your hairstylist advice..because eventhough ,the short hairstyle that he suggested MIGHT be your best hairstyles ever, but if you , yourself are not ready to chop off your long hair, i dont think so you would be happy with the haircut. If you hate your waves,pls say so.If your fine hair falls flat five seconds after you style it,fess up. Tell everything. Please do :P