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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Which , What and When?

The Right Shampoo for You

Which shampoo to use? what brands ?when to use it? A lot of questions to ponder.

There are hundreds of types and brands available in the market .Which one should u buy? Normally, the best way to find out whichshampoo suit you the best,is only after series of trials and errors.
The most expensive shampoo doesnt really means it would do your hair wonder (but nevertheless, the ingredients are normally from the highest quality) because if u pick the rightshampoo type for you, a RM 10 Shampoo can do your hair justice as well ;)

Well here are some tips to consider , to narrow down the choices :

If your hair is fine, look for a shampoo with a clear formula.What does that means? Normally, at the bottle/packaging , it would stated either deep cleansing shampoo, light shampoo or volume shampoo (or anything similar to it).The shampoo's liquid also looks clear.These kind of shampoos can also benefit your scalp. It cleanses your scalp and it feels light.
Creamy shampoos are more moisturizing but can weigh down fine hair.It would be too heavy for fine hair.Your hair would be limb and flat.Moisturizingshampoo is good for curly hair (only if u like ur curl ;) and dry hair.

If you have sensitive scalp or bad dandruff , my advice is to but a really SPECIFIC shampoo for YOUR SCALP such as anti dandruff shampoo ,sensitive scalp shampoo or deep cleansing shampoo. But you should only use it when the problem occur because these kind of shampoos are formulated to benefit and soothen your scalp and do not really help to moisturize the hair. But some of my clients would then tell me that PREVENTION is better than CURE... Which is true. What could you do is to use theshampoo alternately. Maybe use the scalp shampoo every three days or so. Depends on the situation (and climate for some countries).