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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Journal: letting my hair grow longer

I selalu ada rambut pendek..kadang2 side parted look,

kadang2 messy look
kadang2 emo look
kadang2 panjang sikit,
dan sekali sekala hampir botak jugakla,tapi
Tiba2 i rasa nak simpan rambut sekarang nie rambut i panjang mcm ala Edward Cullen :)) nanti i post gambar...i'm thinking of writing down a journal about how i grow my hair long.from time to time i will post pictures on how i keep my mane in shape ;) it would be a good example for you guys how to grow your hair properly :))

p/s: please let me know which hairstyle of mine u like best :PP


Khai Zachrull said...

u sesuai rambut messy look dan sedikit botak...rambut ala2 edward cullen pon sesuai gak.. ;)

chokio_nia said...

ske yg botak..hoyeh..

Aziel Azhar said...

Ala Edward Cullen..? OMG..cepatlah tunjuk... hihihihii....