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Bambang Sutrisno Soteto is the director of Hairkunst Salon and was internationally trained in Mannheim, Germany; London, UK; and Vienna, Austria for five consecutive years . He also worked as a trainer in a renowned hairdressing academy in Vienna called Headquarters for two and a half years. During these years of training and working, he gained tremendous experiences and signature hairdressing skills that are so typically european and were influenced by the geometric hairstyles from the 60s and 70s. Despite being busy with clients and administration matters, in order to pursue perfection, he never stops learning. He pursues knowledge beyond his job scopes that can enhance his skills and learning abilities, and also spark his creativity in creating his flair just to be ahead or on par in the fast pace hairdressing world.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Please bear in mind that starting Jan 2010, Hairkunst will have a newly crowned director, Jojo and a new senior stylist, Shima and a newly crowned junior stylist/master colourist, Imran :) and Hairkunst would like to also welcome Asiah & Shahira as Bambang's new apprentice. So HAIRKUNST TEAM consist of (in order of seniority ) Bambang, Jojo, Dwen, Shima, Faris,Imran, Shahira and Asiah :) We are one big happy family!!

p/s: there is an article about me dkt majalah YEZZ isu January 2010..check it out :))

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


well again today my friends ajak i pergi menyanyi karaoke lagi. This time im surrounded by people who can really sing..feel a bit intimidated at first, tapi x kisahla..nak buat camna...tapi i learn one thing, kalau i selalu hang out with these people (dlm karaoke) , i punya kualiti suara pun somehow improve jugak puji diri sendiri....

iklan oleh ...: actually bambang does hv a nice voice!!! tone dh cukup sedap dh. bt as they say, practice makes perfect. so, apa lagi.. mari karaoke selaluuuuu...

yeay! ni chad neh! best best karaoke dgn bambang.

by the way, masa i tulis blog ni, i was in the red masa i tulis nie, tiba2 i kena menyanyi so my friends sibuk tulis plak... so u guys kan just ignore what they wrote up there....tapi i takut nak padam, takut diorg marah. what ever it is, what i tried to tell u guys is .. kalau u selalu associate urself with successful , the chances u akan jadi successful pun tinggi, so kalau i nak pandai nyanyi, i kena la selalu ikut diorg menyanyi ;) .. Hari ni i baru realised that i boleh tarik nafas masuk dkt perut, and then menyanyi from perut ...sounds like i said before my talent lies in cutting hair not in singing....

Tapi hari ni, Jojo punya last day sebelum dia cuti lama till next quite worried to be honest sbb kedai ramai org and i tak tahu if i could handle it without her , not that i dont trust anyone..... By the way, apa RESOLUTION u guys for next year? I tak tahu lagi apa yang i nak exactly...There are so many things that i want to achieve and have but i do not know where to start...

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to correctly/alternatively use your home product

the right usage of hairstyling products

This time , i want to share u the facts,truths,alternative and correct way in using hair product that you buy.

1) Leave in conditioner : Best used on curly hair ----> give out moisture to the hair and the curly hair become more bouncy and less frizzy
: U can also use it as a hair protection before u go swimming in the sea or swimming pool. The leave in conditioner will coat your hair and minimize the damage done by chlorine (bleaching agent) and sea water.

2) Hair Serum : Best used on dry hair -------> makes the hair more shiny but please dont overburden the hair with serum. It will be too oily. Not really suitable for fine hair as the weigh of the serum will make ur fine hair limb.
'LESS IS MORE' Pls just use a small amount of serum and please use it more for the hair ends and not at the root.


Banyaknya uban i hari ni....well i just realized that today that i have not colour my hair for quite some time...well i rasa macam ok jugak biarkan dia grey semua , nampak distinguished sikit :))

by the way, hari ini biasala appointment full
from morning till 9pm...before that my friends texted me , telling me that diorang nak pergi karaoke
at redbox...just one floor under hairkunst..Tempted sangat,
itulah antara cabaran kerja sebagai hairdresser, bila orang cuti kita kena kerja,
but im ok with it...
so i joined them after sempatla nyanyi dua tiga lagu...
i know my talent is in cutting hair and not singing, tapi x kisah, saja nak lepas geram.

mmm actually apa yg i tulis ni? entahla..actually i want to write more about the event tapi takut
nanti ada yang terasa pulak..maybe next time when i am more
bold dan berani i sambung balik.. ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Journal: letting my hair grow longer

I selalu ada rambut pendek..kadang2 side parted look,

kadang2 messy look
kadang2 emo look
kadang2 panjang sikit,
dan sekali sekala hampir botak jugakla,tapi
Tiba2 i rasa nak simpan rambut sekarang nie rambut i panjang mcm ala Edward Cullen :)) nanti i post gambar...i'm thinking of writing down a journal about how i grow my hair long.from time to time i will post pictures on how i keep my mane in shape ;) it would be a good example for you guys how to grow your hair properly :))

p/s: please let me know which hairstyle of mine u like best :PP

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hari nie tadi ada meeting dkt Kedai, our monthly meeting...So semua org ada... Jojo, Dwen, Imran, Faris , Shima, Syahirah dgn Asiah . So seperti biasa i annouced employee of the month ..and sekali lagi for three consecutive weeks jatuh pada tangan JOJO. Happy dia... i suka tengok org happy , anyway, she really deserves it. Jojo is my super senior at the shop and starting next year she will be the next director for hairkunst. Im happy for her. Again she deserves the new pangkat, gaji and recognition. Dia dah hampir 9 tahun jadi hairdresser, very peka and her observing skill and creativity is superb. Well yg lain2 pun rasa bersemangat juga sbb semua org akan naik gaji tahun depan . So our super senior now is Dwen and the other senior would be Shima. Imran pun bagus jugak..he used to be my apprentice and look at him now...Tak lama lagi dia akan jadi junior hairstylist...very enthusiastic, creative ,charismatic and his PR skill is superb!!!! very articulate this guy. I love my team skg...i see them as my own family. Really happy that my salon takde tikam2 belakang punya org, everyone get along well with each other...and the bes thing is , they really honest with their clients and i think that is because they cherish and love their job. So skg i pun rasa bersemangat jugak...

By the way, i baru diterima sbg Asia Pacific Trend Trainer for Schwarzkopf 2010 and im the first malay guy yg dapat position ni :))) hurray for me :)))) So nanti i got to travel to Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Spore to train hairdressers .... oooo i suka job ni :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Which , What and When?

The Right Shampoo for You

Which shampoo to use? what brands ?when to use it? A lot of questions to ponder.

There are hundreds of types and brands available in the market .Which one should u buy? Normally, the best way to find out whichshampoo suit you the best,is only after series of trials and errors.
The most expensive shampoo doesnt really means it would do your hair wonder (but nevertheless, the ingredients are normally from the highest quality) because if u pick the rightshampoo type for you, a RM 10 Shampoo can do your hair justice as well ;)

Well here are some tips to consider , to narrow down the choices :

If your hair is fine, look for a shampoo with a clear formula.What does that means? Normally, at the bottle/packaging , it would stated either deep cleansing shampoo, light shampoo or volume shampoo (or anything similar to it).The shampoo's liquid also looks clear.These kind of shampoos can also benefit your scalp. It cleanses your scalp and it feels light.
Creamy shampoos are more moisturizing but can weigh down fine hair.It would be too heavy for fine hair.Your hair would be limb and flat.Moisturizingshampoo is good for curly hair (only if u like ur curl ;) and dry hair.

If you have sensitive scalp or bad dandruff , my advice is to but a really SPECIFIC shampoo for YOUR SCALP such as anti dandruff shampoo ,sensitive scalp shampoo or deep cleansing shampoo. But you should only use it when the problem occur because these kind of shampoos are formulated to benefit and soothen your scalp and do not really help to moisturize the hair. But some of my clients would then tell me that PREVENTION is better than CURE... Which is true. What could you do is to use theshampoo alternately. Maybe use the scalp shampoo every three days or so. Depends on the situation (and climate for some countries).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Treatment vs Salon Treatment

Which is better? Well, actually i was quite reluctant to write this down but since i promise you guys that i want to give all the practical tips (and tricks) and facts about taking care of your hair, so here it is : Home treatmeant can be as good as salon treatment ..why? scroll down for the arguments

Home Treatment VS Salon Treatment

Home Treatment

--Economical but optional
--use more frequent (once a week)
--No additional heat or fancy equipment needed
--can be as effective as salon treatment if used frequently

Salon Treatment

--Expensive but necessary
--once a month or every 6 weeks
--coupled with steaming machine/micromist machine
--very effective

In the end , home treatment can be as good as salon treatment (yet economical) as long as u use it frequently and the RIGHT WAY

The wrong way : 1) Shampoo 2) Conditioner 3) Hair Mask
The right way : 1) Shampoo (the best shampoo would be the deep cleansing shampoo) 2)Hair Mask 3) Condtioner (optional)

and WHY? because if u use the conditioner before the hair mask, your hair cuticles will be covered with conditioner and the hair mask could not get in the hair shaft.

How to improve the effectiveness of your own home treatment?

1) Use deep cleansing shampoo : It will cleanses all the impurities and leftover from your scalp and hair and it would make it easier for the hair mask to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft.
2)use warm water first when u first use the shampoo and then with cold water when u want to rinse the hair mask later . Cold water will close back ur hair cuticles and the treatment will stay longer in your hair.
3)Leave the hair treatment in your hair for at least 10 minutes and wrap it with cotton towel

so there u have it...if u practice all these tips , i assure u after 4 cycles of home treatment (provided u use the right treatment) u will notice major difference (better) later. have fun trying :))

one hectic off day!

Well today i ambik extra day off...well the main reason because i had an investigation interview regarding my long lost passport dkt imigresen Damansara..after 2 tahun hilang barula i nak buat passport tu.. Adala sbb tetiba i nak buat passport tu ;) Anyway my scheduled 'siasatan' should start at 10 am ..guess what? pukul 12pm barula nak panggil....geram tapi biasala sbb diorg yg ada upper hand so kita y hilang passport ni x bolehla nak cakap apa....Dahla tu, i can only get my passport after one month :(

well anyway, then i baru teringat yg i ada appt dgn my sworn bothers (Edo, Alan, Adnan) and Jasmin at the curve at 1 pm...bergegas la balik mcm org gila... exactly at 1 pm , my phone rang.. the conversation went like this :

Edo : Hi Bambang where are u?
Bambang: Im in front of the Curve (trying hard to focus on the road while driving with one hand steering the wheel, the other hand trying to lower the volume of the radio and at the same time trying hard to hold the phone between the shoulder and the head)
--------------->Location : Pusat Bandar Damansara
Edo: Ok, where do u want to meet up?
Bambang : mmmmmmmmmm (actually having trouble to do a u turn with only one hand steering the wheel while now the other trying to hold the phone)
wherever u want to ok... u choose
Edo: ok . i i'll call u later.i'll let u know the place
Bambang : Cool .let me there in a minute (immidiately let go of the phone and put both hands on the wheel )
----------------> Location : 400 metres more than when this conversation first started...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tips to avoid Miscommunication between u and your hairstylist

First of all, when you want to try out new hair salon pls choose salon that conduct by appointment service rather than first come first serve basis. The reason is that, the first come first serve service normally go by volume and they tend to hurry and neglect long and thorough consultation.

Try to avoid weekends because weekends are normally packed with clients (even for by appt service) and the hairstylists have to work back to back and normally he/she would be quite exhausted (physically and mentally) to listen to your long arguments. They (normally but not all ok ;) will tend to use their 'judgemental' side and do whatever 'easy' cut and hardly be creative to do the perfect UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL cut that suit that UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL u. So please invest some time and try to cut your hair during office hour or so , especially if you want to try new hair salon

The next tip is VERY VERY CRUCIAL. Please avoid to explain things TOO GENERAL. This is when things might go REALLY wrong (By now, i think u guys realized that i used a lot of capital letter in the sentences). For example :

1) I want to chop off a few inches off :
Few inches??? what do u mean? And please , dont even say 2 inches or 3 inches.....Your hairdresser might perceived your 2 inches as 4 inches. You never know. The best thing to do is to ask your hairdresser to show it clearly to you how much he wants to cut off.

2)I want to cut layers:
Layers?? how ? long soft layers, blunt layers, or do u actually want to trim your layers only, or maybe you mean things as simple as more volume? Please dont be scare to speak up.You do not want end up having so much layers like SONIC the hedgehog ;)

3)I want red/chesnut brown/ caramel blond/honey blond/peach colour
Please avoid using fruits/food to explain the colour that you want. Your caramel blond might be perceived as very light blond or even copper light brown, varies from one hairstylist to the other depends on where they are or maybe what their favourites food might be ;) IT IS TOO ABSTRACT ...please use the colour chart ok?

4)I want to colour / cut like the previous cut or even worse when u say things like i want to cut my hair like the first cut (after a few cuts ):
Unless you come every month or that u are very close to the hairstylist, there is no way, that your hairstylist could remember the cut perfectly (just bare in mind , that you maybe one out of hundreds of customers that he usually served).

Another tip to consider is : bring picture of hairstyles that you LIKE (and bring a few pictures and not one) and more things to consider is to bring pictures that u will helps to bridge the gap between the way mosthairstylist talk about hair, and the way the rest of the world does.

In the end, just be honest. Tell your hairstylist all about your hair insecurities.If you are really attached to your long hair, say so. Dont just follow your hairstylist advice..because eventhough ,the short hairstyle that he suggested MIGHT be your best hairstyles ever, but if you , yourself are not ready to chop off your long hair, i dont think so you would be happy with the haircut. If you hate your waves,pls say so.If your fine hair falls flat five seconds after you style it,fess up. Tell everything. Please do :P


hair = rambut , kunst = seni/art in other word , Hair art ;)
zaman dulu2 masa bambang basuh rambut client

jojo is threadi'ing' a client...who wants to thread? (x tahu la samada grammar tu semua betul ke tak?)

sini ada bar kecil, but sorry no alcohol :P

Clients VS Hairdressers

Clients VS Hairdressers

Have you sometimes ever wished that your hairdresser could read your mind? So that they really really understand what you want?

From my observation (personal view), less than 50% clients walk out from salon fully satisfied...Most of the time the hairstylists do not give the customer exactly what they want ..They usually do what they (hairstylists) want.

For me, the KEY for customer SATISFACTION is a good and clear consultation between the client and his/her hairstylist.

~Director of HairKunst~

Bambang Sutrisno Soteto
Director of HairKunst
The Curve, 2nd floor, Asian Courtyard